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Fifteenth Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting




Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition Results

Berkeley Springs, W.Va./ 02/26/05/BWW/-- The Best Bottled Water in the World was awarded to Lesage Natural Wells, Lesage West Virginia at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. The award was accepted on behalf of Le Sage by Senator John Unger II of West Virginia. Silver medal was awarded to Kuohun Kirkas, Kuohu, Finland, and the bronze went to Akali, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington.

The town of Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada walked away with the Gold for the World’s Best Tasting Municipal Water. Daytona Beach, Florida won the Gold for Best in the US Municipal Water. The silver was awarded to Putaruru, New Zealand.  The Bronze was tied between Rice Lake Wisconsin and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Travel Berkeley Springs' Winter Festival of The Waters, the 15th annual water tasting held at Coolfont Resort brought in international waters from Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Switzerland, Suriname, Commonwealth of Dominica, Canada, Korea, Nicaragua, and Sweden and 21 states in the US.

The judges were instructed by Water Master, Arthur von Wiesenberger, to look, sniff and taste each water under guidelines like those in a wine tasting. The waters were rated for each attribute including appearance (it should be clear – or slightly opaque for glacial waters), aroma (there should be none), taste (it should taste clean), mouth feel (it should feel light), aftertaste (it should leave you thirsty for more). Waters were tasted in four separate flights over two days. 


The Non-Carbonated Bottled Water category
The winners were:
*** Gold Medal Winner:  Le Sage Natural Wells, Lesage, West Virginia (453 points)
** Silver Medal Winner: Kuohun Kirkas, Kuohu, Finland (447 points)
* Bronze Medal Winner: Akali, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington (441 points)
4th Place: Real Water, Bearpaw Ridge, BC Canada (440 points)
5th Place:
Prairie Spring Natural Spring Water, Moose Jaw,
Saskatchewan, Canada 
(433 points)                                                               

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Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards :

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